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Pediatric ENT

Child Having an Ear Exam

Pediatric ENT in St. Petersburg

Children are often affected by the same ENT conditions as adults but require special care to treat their complex conditions while keeping them as happy and comfortable as possible. It is important for a child to trust their physician and develop a relationship with them so they feel safe and comfortable.

Common Childhood Ailments

Some common diseases appear much more frequently in children than in adults. One example is ear infections, or otitis media, which occurs more frequently in children because of certain anatomical differences in the ears and nearby structures. Another example is tonsillitis, which, along with adenoiditis is a much more common ailment in children than in adults, because of their immature immune systems.

Other Pediatric ENT Problems We Treat

Otolaryngologists treat a wide variety of childhood illnesses and conditions. These may include the following conditions when they are present during childhood:

If you have concerns about ear, nose, or throat problems in your child, call us today to schedule an evaluation!

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