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Latera is a device that places a small dissolvable implant into the nasal sidewall which helps to strengthen the nasal structure and improve nasal breathing. In many patients with nasal obstruction, the nasal sidewall collapses with breathing causing nasal blockage. This can be due to weak cartilage, narrow nasal passageways or poor nasal valve support. If nasal valve collapse is affecting your breathing then Latera is a safe and effective as well as minimally invasive procedure that can improve your nasal breathing.

The latera device is inserted through a small access point inside the nostril and is placed along the nasal sidewall and nasal bone. Usually the implant is not visible but can sometimes be felt by touching the nose. The implant dissolves after about a year and a half but the scar tissue created by dissolving it can provide long-lasting relief.

LATERA® absorbable nasal implant

Good Candidates

Good candidates for the Latera implant have lateral nasal wall collapse with breathing. This can be tested using the Cottle Test. The Cottle Test is performed by slightly pulling the cheek skin next to the nose to put tension on the nasal sidewall. If breathing while pulling this cheek skin improves your nasal breathing then you may have nasal valve collapse which can be improved by the Latera implant.

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