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The parathyroid glands produce parathyroid hormone which helps to regulate calcium levels in the body. Most people have four parathyroid glands located next to the thyroid gland with two on each side of the neck.


If the parathyroid glands become hyperactive, they produce too much parathyroid hormone which causes the calcium levels in the body to rise which can cause problems like thinning bones, kidney stones, mental fog, and other problems. The glands can become hyperactive for many reasons including a parathyroid adenoma or chronic kidney disease. In order to determine if the parathyroid glands are hyperactive or if there is a parathyroid gland cancer you may need to have lab work or special imaging performed. If the glands are hyperactive or have cancer, they may need to be removed.

Parathyroid Surgery

Parathyroid surgery is done through a small minimally-invasive incision in the neck. Parathyroid removal surgery is most successful when multiple imaging studies have identified a target gland. During surgery the target parathyroid gland or glands are identified and removed. Labs are then drawn to ensure that the correct gland has been removed. After surgery, patients usually spend the night in the hospital to monitor lab values and make sure they are comfortable. Most patients are sent home the day after surgery.

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