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ClariFix ®

Clarifix is a safe and effective treatment procedure aimed at improving chronic rhinitis. Chronic rhinitis is frequent or constant inflammation of the nose causing symptoms like runny nose and postnasal drip (mucus in the throat). These symptoms are often caused by an overactive nerve which causes increased mucus production.

Clarifix uses cryotherapy or targeted freezing to reduce nerve signals into the nasal cavity. This can reduce nasal mucus production. Clarifix is minimally invasive and can be done in the office or in the operating room depending on your comfort level, other medical conditions and nasal anatomy. If it is done in the office, sometimes some light sedation is used to keep you comfortable. The device is introduced through the nostril along with a telescope and targets the main area of nerve input. Some patients may experience a temporary headache during or after the procedure that is similar to a brain freeze. It is helpful to have somebody with you to drive you home after the procedure. The recovery after Clarifix is minimal and it can provide long-lasting symptom relief.

If chronic runny nose or postnasal drip is affecting your life, call us today to schedule an evaluation!

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